Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Inc. Picture Index

Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Inc. Picture Index

Special thanks to the "family" of Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Inc., the wrestlers, the refs and the fans. Its always great to come out and do my best to preserve memories. I've linked to the wrestlers that the PCW site has linked to. If you wrestle with PCW and have a website, email me the link (jim@pics-by-jim.com) and I'll put it here ASAP. And, of course, if you're looking for pics for your website, you know where to get them. :-)

Here are digital camera links to the shows I've been at. Click here to see the links to PCW's site and PCW Wrestlers' and one of the ref's sites.

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234 pictures-Saturday, March 16, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'March Madness 2K2', West Union, Ohio

275 pictures-Saturday, March 2, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'In Your Face', Otway, Ohio
367 pictures-Saturday, February 23, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'Lord of the Ring', Portsmouth, Ohio

Powerhouse Championship Wrestling pics that were taken down before to make room for new series have been reposted. However, the html isn't done. To view the pictures by "directory-browsing", click on the link for "Project Playground Benefit" , Portsmouth Raceway Park venue (8/26/2000) (Presently includes non-wrestling pics also. Once html is done, only PCW pics will be viewed.) and the Jackson, Ohio (11/04/2000) show.

368 pictures-Saturday, January 26, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'New Years Revolution', Jackson, Ohio

Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Halloween Spooktacular, Portsmouth, Ohio
370 pictures-Saturday, October 13, 2001-- -Day 1 of 2
301 pictures-Sunday, October 14, 2001-- -Day 2 of 2

334 total pictures-Saturday, June 30, 2001-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Otway, Ohio

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