Pictures at the Speed of Light...No Internet Required

Click here to view the links to thousands of pics online through your Internet connection or select another link from the left frame.

Read on to find out how to get any or all my picture series on CD...whether they're online still or not.

All the picture series, whether now online or not, are available on CD. Got a friend or family member that isn't online? Send them a CD and help them enjoy the pics.

Tired of not having time to see all the pics you want to see while dialing in to your internet provider? Get yourself a CD and have the pictures load as fast as your CD-Rom can read the data.

Has your favorite series went offline with the repost to pave the way for new pics? Get yourself a CD and view your favorites anytime.

Email me at for easy instructions. The CD production project will drive the programming for both the web and CD-based pictures. Version 1 of the html writing software worked great for the net on one provider. Version 2 will support any content in any format on any connection/device on multiple hosts with the features you ask for.

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