My Digital Camera Pictures--Normal Bandwidth

My Digital Camera Pictures--Normal Bandwidth

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Reverse Chronological Index

154 pictures-Saturday, April 20, 2002-- Ninth Annual Ohio Statehouse Ball hosted by Civilian Corps of Company A, Columbus, Ohio

216 pictures-Saturday, April 20, 2002-- 1st Annual Safety Rodeo, Delaware General Health District, Delaware, Ohio

129 pictures-Tuesday, April 16, 2002-- Helen Thomas, former United Press International White House Bureau Chief, Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio

234 pictures-Saturday, March 16, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'March Madness 2K2', West Union, Ohio

275 pictures-Saturday, March 2, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'In Your Face', Otway, Ohio

367 pictures-Saturday, February 23, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'Lord of the Ring', Portsmouth, Ohio

February 7, 2002--Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North pre-event news conference, Portsmouth, Ohio. Pictures uploaded...html not done yet. Blurries to be edited out. But in the meantime, you can view by "directory browsing" by clicking on the link.
Powerhouse Championship Wrestling pics that were taken down before to make room for new series have been reposted. However, the html isn't done. To view the pictures by "directory-browsing", click on the link for "Project Playground Benefit" , Portsmouth Raceway Park venue (8/26/2000) (Presently includes non-wrestling pics also. Once html is done, only PCW pics will be viewed.) and the Jackson, Ohio (11/04/2000) show.
Over 800 pictures--Thursday, January 31, 2002 - Saturday, February 2, 2002
(some ring girl competition access areas are password protected for 18+ only)
The Original Toughman Contest, Portsmouth, Ohio

368 pictures-Saturday, January 26, 2002-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling 'New Years Revolution', Jackson, Ohio
83 pictures-Friday, January 25, 2002-- Mothman Concert, Doc's Legends, Portsmouth, Ohio
100 pictures-Friday, January 25, 2002-- Phatt Side Down Concert, Doc's Legends, Portsmouth, Ohio
125 pictures-Friday, January 25, 2002-- Phatt Side Down, on-air promotion, WZIO-FM, Wheelersburg, Ohio
265 pictures-Sunday, January 6, 2002-- Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Torch Relay, Warren & Detroit, Michigan
92 pictures-Saturday, January 5, 2002-- High School Basketball, Greenup Co., Kentucky vs. Wheelersburg, Ohio
83 pictures-Tuesday, December 18, 2001-- Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Torch Relay, Portsmouth, Ohio
191 pictures-Sunday, December 16, 2001-- Krohn's Conservatory Annual Christmas Flower Display, Cincinnati, Ohio
184 pictures-Sunday, December 16, 2001-- Bi-Okoto Drum and Dance Troupe, Cincinnati, Ohio
220 pictures-Sunday, November 18, 2001-- Christmas Parade, Delaware, Ohio

Photo tribute to our veterans. 3 Ohio cities on 2 days. Parade and ceremony in Athens, Ohio. Ceremony in Portsmouth, Ohio. School assembly in Washington Court House, Ohio with State of Ohio Governor Bob Taft.
191 pictures-Sunday, November 11, 2001-- Athens, Ohio--10 a.m.
103 pictures-Sunday, November 11, 2001-- Portsmouth, Ohio--3 p.m.
40 pictures-Monday, November 12, 2001-- Washington Court House, Ohio--9 a.m.

Over 500 total pictures-Saturday, November 3, 2001--Athens, Ohio Halloween
Memory Stick (Finer resolution)
Floppy Disk (Different pics on disk-resolution the same as memory stick but not as refined.)

175 total pictures-Saturday, October 20, 2001-- Scioto County Soccer, Portsmouth, Ohio

Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Halloween Spooktacular, Portsmouth, Ohio
370 pictures-Saturday, October 13, 2001-- -Day 1 of 2
301 pictures-Sunday, October 14, 2001-- -Day 2 of 2

Wendys International Cycling Classic, Columbus, Ohio and surrounding suburbs (2 days of 6)
375 pictures-Sunday, July 29, 2001-- Mens/Womens Bicycle Racing, Grandview Heights, Ohio
424 pictures-Saturday, July 28, 2001-- Mens/Womens Bicycle Racing, Columbus, Ohio (behind the new COSI.)
150 pictures-Saturday, July 28, 2001-- Mens/Womens Inline Skating, Columbus, Ohio (behind the new COSI.)

334 total pictures-Saturday, June 30, 2001-- Powerhouse Championship Wrestling, Otway, Ohio

616 total pictures-Saturday, June 1, 2001 - Sunday, June 2, 2001-- Niagara Falls

261 total pictures-Saturday, May 12, 2001-- Band Pics, Portsmouth, Ohio at the Ohio River Stage. If there are group names corrections, please email them to me. The Underdogs in their last show. Come Dawns was up second. Sam Wise. Tex Mexner. The Vacants. (Right now because its Mommy's Day all the pics are in one big series. Once I confirm the band names, I'll have them seperated by band.)

339 total pictures-Saturday, April 21, 2001-- Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio
328 total pictures-Saturday, April 7, 2000-- Time Trials and Drag Racing, KD Dragway, South Webster, Ohio
223 total pictures-Saturday, March 31, 2001-- High School Baseball- New Boston vs. West Union
259 total pictures-Sunday, March 11, 2001-- Franklin Park Conservatory Flowers and Butterflies , Columbus, Ohio
63 total pictures-Sunday, April 9, 2000-- Trailer Fire, Vicinity of George St & Argonne Rd, Portsmouth, Ohio
358 total pictures-Saturday, April 1, 2000-- Shawnee State Ladies Softball vs. Notre Dame, Portsmouth, Ohio
8 total pictures-Tuesday, December 14, 1999--- Backstage with Kathy Mattea , Verne Riffe Center for the Arts, Portsmouth, Ohio

2 pictures- Friday, October 8, 1999-- Thunder in the Valley, (Civil War Re-enactment), Portsmouth, Ohio
411 total pictures-Saturday, September 11, 1999-- David Kersh Early Show and Late Show , Morgan County, Ohio Fair, McConnelsville, Ohio

423 pictures-Saturday, September 4, 1999-- Portsmouth, Ohio River Days Parade

188 pictures-Wednesday, August 11, 1999-- JoDee Messina in Concert, Scioto County, Ohio Fair, Lucasville, Ohio

10 pictures--Rose's delivered on Friday, June 18, 1999 to a co-worker at work.
67 pictures--Portsmouth, Ohio at Sunset on Thursday, June 17, 1999 (Taken from the rooftop of the building where I work.)
91 pictures--Pictures I took at a co-workers flower garden, Tuesday, June 15, 1999
4 pictures---Bat in the house, Sunday, May 30, 1999
191 pictures-My visit to Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, May 29, 1999
57 pictures--Easter At Carrie's, Saturday, April 3, 1999
42 pictures--Snow in Portsmouth, Ohio, 1999

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