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What's new? Lots. In no particular order...

1. I had a person tell me they had a problem loading the site in Netscape 6. Rather than take the time to have him try different versions of the site, we launched the ability to view with or without frames.

2. Today, we're adding a link to a new site. With tech/net news, photography-related news, journalist, photojournalist along with a sprinkling of other stuff thrown in. It's been under development for about a month and a half. It's base is a form of software known as a CMS (Content Management System). I type, post it and everything is taken care of in the posting of the page. So everything looks the same no matter what the content. And there are links to my picture site there and some of the sites where I get my news from. 2 clicks and any news-content gets posted on my site with a link back to who originally posted it. The last 7 days of any particular category stays on the page for viewing. Archives to past-articles are always available by clicking on the calendar day you want to view.

3. And I'm probably about 2-4 weeks from launching yet another site. It will go hand-in-hand with the pics-by-jim site. Yet another CMS-based system in use for that along with some custom programming projects on my part. I think you'll like it. Some exciting partnerships with businesses and governments.

4. About 6 months ago, I designed most of the software to give me more flexibility in posting the pictures to any host or to burn to CD. I got about 95% complete, but then got very busy and stopped development. Yesterday's baseball double-header got rained out so I took some time to reacquaint myself with the program and what needs to be fixed to be put in use. A couple of big things, but tweaking for the most part.

5. And some projects that are starting to roll around in my head. Expanding the new software to be used on any computer so I can update the html links from anywhere. (Even if it doesn't have the special database I use on it.) Generating the picture indexes by date (like now), by category (like recently started) and possibly by last-time updated or posted. Using software to automatically maintain and revise the necessary html instead of manually like I do now.

6. Working with local organizations to get advance notice of area events. Still a lot more contacts to be made, but a good beginning.

7. Since about December, I've had a cable-modem connection to the net. They put a cap on uploading so it doesn't have much effect on getting the pictures to the server. But having a nearly constant connection to the net has helped with the other projects and posting updates.

8. A few weeks ago, my web-hosting provider (Dreamhost) doubled the amount of space on my account for the same monthly price. So only about half of the current space is in use. To put this in perspective, back when I worked for an ISP and had 16,800 pictures online, the total space I have now available is about 75% of the total space that 16,800 pictures took.

These are the major things I've been working on behind the scenes. Several more off-shoots of these projects in the works.

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